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Hybrid layer buildup Rogers 4350B/FR4

Hybrid layer buildup Rogers 4350B/FR4

Product Item:
PCB product:6 layer PCb circut board
copper thick:1OZ
Surface Treatment:ENIG
pcb thickness:1.2MM
solder mask:green
Min Line Width/Space:4/4mil
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                                                                                            How to choose high frequency board circuit board material

       Some engineers who manufacture RF high-frequency boards use low-loss FR4 laminates or low-dielectric constant PTFE laminates and rogers 4350B, 4003, smaller dielectric constants are not always required, but depend on the frequency value , rpttechpcb can be used for standard laminates and high DK laminate materials, let's learn about the characteristics of the RF high-frequency board circuit board material. RF high-frequency board circuit board materials are divided into organic materials and inorganic materials, as follows:

Organic materials: phenolic resin, glass fiber/epoxy resin, polyimide, BT/epoxy resin, etc.

Inorganic materials: aluminum, copper, ceramics, etc.

When purchasing circuit board materials for RF high-frequency boards, you cannot choose blindly, and you must pay attention to material performance according to the special nature of the project. The materials selected by different high-frequency board manufacturers are also different. The important factors for manufacturing RF high-frequency circuit boards are: to make a small RF PCB, a large dielectric constant is required; if you want low loss, you can choose a low dielectric constant. If the interconnection length is long and the loss is likely to be high, use a material with a small Dk value, however, Dk has no effect on the determination of the operating signal wavelength of the HF board. Small circuits often require small wavelengths, which indicates that high DK values are required for the product.

  The smoother copper foil material in the circuit board of RF high frequency board is usually used in the structure of the RF board, and the plating material needs to be considered, because this material will form a rough interface in the copper layer, resulting in high roughness loss. There are two surface platings with little extra loss compared to bare copper, OSP and immersion silver. In certain types of systems, such as RF high frequency boards, circuit boards, avionics, thermal and mechanical characteristics are considered first, because the device may experience high temperatures, repeated thermal cycles, mechanical vibration or shock during operation.

PCB product:4-26 layer board

matelial:FR4 TG170 ,TG150

Material brand:KB,shengyi,taconic,rogers,MEGTRON6,MEGTRON7,Isola

copper thick:1OZ,2OZ.3OZ.4OZ.5OZ

Surface Treatment:ENIG,HASL, OSP,Goldfinger,immersion silver

pcb thickness:1.6MM

low-cost PCB,Cheap PCB, Low price for PCB,94V0 PCB

solder mask:green,red,biue,white,black Silk-Screen:wihte,black,yellowMin Line Width/Space:3/3mil,4/4mil.

If you have any question , please feel free to contact me sales@rpttechpcb.com


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