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Types of PCB substrates

PCB circuit board is a necessary circuit board for equipment and electrical appliances, and is also a necessary carrier for software implementation. Different equipment has different PCB materials. There are many types of rigid printed circuit boards (RPCB). According to PCB board reinforcement materials are generally divided into the following types:

1. Phenolic PCB paper substrate Because this PCB board is composed of paper pulp, wood pulp, etc., it sometimes also becomes cardboard, V0 board, flame retardant board, 94HB, etc. Its main material is wood pulp fiber paper, which is pressurized by phenolic resin And a synthetic PCB board. The characteristics of this paper substrate are that it is not fireproof, can be punched, has low cost, is cheap, and has a relatively low density. The phenolic paper substrates we often see include XPC, FR-1, FR-2, FE-3, etc. 94V0 is a flame retardant cardboard and is fireproof.

2. Composite PCB substrate is also called a powder board. It uses wood pulp fiber paper or cotton pulp fiber paper as the reinforcing material, and is supplemented by glass fiber cloth as the surface reinforcing material. The two materials are made of flame-retardant epoxy resin. There are single-sided semi-glass fiber 22F, CEM-1 and double-sided semi-glass fiber boards CEM-3, among which CEM-1 and CEM-3 are currently the most common composite base copper clad laminates.

3. Fiberglass PCB substrate is sometimes also called epoxy board, fiberglass board, FR4, fiber board, etc. It uses epoxy resin as the adhesive and fiberglass cloth as the reinforcing material. This kind of circuit board has a higher operating temperature and is less affected by the environment. This kind of board is often used in double-sided PCBs. However, it is more expensive than composite PCB substrates. The common thickness is 1.6MM. This kind of substrate is suitable for various power boards and high-level circuit boards, and is widely used in computers, peripheral equipment, communication equipment, etc.

4. In addition to the three commonly seen above, other substrates also include metal substrates and build-up multilayer boards (BUM).

It is worth noting that we often see the letters KB printed on the circuit board. This is the abbreviation of Kingboard PCB board. In addition to Kingboard, there are also Shengyi SL, Taiyao TUC, Guoji GDM, Changchun L, Changxing EC, Hitachi H, etc.

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